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2021 Entertainment Coming Soon!

2019 Entertainment

Main Stage

Desert Highway Band

Funk Evolution

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Desert Highway

Since its formation, Desert Highway has been captivating and entertaining major audiences.  Their critically acclaimed performances are a nonstop journey through numerous radio hits, top ten singles and favorite solo works of The Eagles. Musically and visually, Desert Highway presents a unique edge in performing The Eagles’ varied music catalogue. 

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Funk Evolution

Funk Evolution provides a fresh style and energy to the covers they perform. From Classic Rock, Funk and Soul to modern Top-40, R&B and Country, Funk Evolution infuses one huge song after the next with an insatiable energy that is the backdrop to the regions hottest events. 

Center Stage

GEORGE SATERIAL MAGIC SHOW 12:00, 2:30 & 4:30pm

What does it take to become magic's only Two-Time Gold Medal Champion? Only one magician has ever successfully discovered the answer: George Saterial. By merging a truly original concept with classic style, an obsession with perfection, charisma, and tireless practice and work, George Saterial has achieved arguably magic's greatest feat.

BRYSON LANG 12:45, 3:15 & 6pm

Bryson Lang is a Comedy-Manipulator. He takes both ordinary and out-of-the-ordinary objects and literally spins them into a visual tapestry in a distinctive and dynamic way. At Bryson’s show you’ll see: flying sombreros, sharp sickles, huge spinning rings, upside down bounce-juggling, giant beach balls, glo-in-the-dark objects, a tennis racquet and always a few surprises.


Popular with any age group and sure to draw a crowd.  Phil Singer will be back drawing caricatures at ParkFest! Be sure to stop by the Kids' Tent between 1-5pm.

Stop By The Kids Tent To See Phil

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